what do we do

  • Promote and support Basketball in Tirunelveli District
  • Encourage and promote Basketball for boys and girls at Schools and Colleges
  • Advance Basketball with adult players and Clubs
  • Bring the joy and skills of Basketball to very young players and beginners
  • To encourage young adult players to obtain coaching and referee qualifications
  • To run skills training camps for Junior players
  • To organise basketball matches, competitions and Tournaments in Tirunelveli District
  • To select and coach players for Tirunelveli District Teams
  • To sponsor and support young players from low income families

How you can Help

  • Play Basketball and encourage others to play
  • Support and get involved in the work of the Association
  • Coach junior players
  • Organise a friendly match or competition
  • Support all basketball matches in the District
  • Get a referee or coaching qualification
  • Buy basketball shoes and dress for a player from a low income family
  • Donate to TDBA funds so it can promote basketball

Why we need Money

  • To organise matches and competitions and all costs involved
  • To set up and run training camps
  • To train District teams
  • To pay officials, coaches and referees for training and matches
  • To sponsor the costs of gifted young players from low income families
  • To buy Dress for Tirunelveli District Teams
  • To buy prizes and certificates for camps and competitions
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